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A new study conducted by the Transportation Research Board on the issues impacting seniors indicated that these so-called “ignored and invisible” population has a lot to worry about from a travel standpoint. Four of the biggest challenges faced by seniors are wayfinding, fatigue, technology, and amenities. In short, travel can be stressful for them.

Carla McDonald will discuss how to plan better and reduce the travel stress for seniors. Carla has 4 decades of experience with airlines. She has worked at the frontlines of airports checking in passengers, departing hundreds of flights, and boarding thousands of passengers in her career. She retired in 2017 but decided to continue servicing people who experience challenges that airlines are not able to address.

Carla started her own companion travel company business called The Travelling Guardian. The Travelling Guardian helps relieve the stress and worries of travelling alone with their travel chaperone service. Carla offers travelling companions for children, elderly individuals, mobility impaired individuals, as well as a nanny air service for parents.


  • The biggest senior-related travel issue
  • Things that can help in planning your travel better
    • Medical clearance
    • Travel insurance
    • Carry-on bag size and dimension
  • Difference between personal items and carry-on
  • Incorrect names can disrupt your travel
  • Questions most asked by seniors
  • About Travelling Guardian



“The airlines aren’t going to say NO to you. They just want to make sure that your parent is fit to travel.”