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Over half a million Canadians are currently living with dementia. Unfortunately, at least 10% of Canadians with dementia are being cared for in hospitals even though it’s not the ideal location for them. Dementia is not just a Canadian challenge, it’s also a global issue and a complex one as well. It affects families financially, emotionally, and culturally. In short, it affects their overall lives in general.

Fortunately, there are some great people around the world who are spearheading movements to empower families affected by dementia. With us today is the world’s most renowned speaker and educator on the subject of dementia, Teepa Snow.

Teepa is an occupational therapist with 40 years of clinical and academic experience. She presents with extraordinary expertise and humor to audiences large and small throughout the world.


  • What Teepa meant by positive approach
  • When people have shortcomings How dementia can differ depending on the patient’s personality
  • On getting connected before care
  • One of our biggest mistakes people commit
  • Why it’s hard for family caregivers
  • The importance of getting good and credible information early and throughout the diagnosis and progression of the condition
  • Some symptoms of dementia that needs to get a diagnosis
  • Gaps in the ability of family and professional caregivers to provide quality care for people with dementia


“There’s almost always a solo person who thinks they know the person better, who believes they are the better caregiver.”

“What I thought was gonna be the case may not turn out to be how it works.”

“We start off as a human being first and foremost.”


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