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Did you know that according to a stats Canada report from 2016, as of 2011, there are 340, 000 Canadians who are living with dementia? Close to 50% of the time, the primary or informal caregiver for these people with dementia was a spouse. It affects their marriage, their family, the finances, and their lives in general.

We are so pleased that today we have with us Angela Gentile. She is a social worker working in the clinical side of things. She has 25 years of experience under her belt. Angela has also written various books as well as various other pieces on multiple platforms. She also manages and co-administers Facebook groups.


  • On writing a book about somebody with dementia from the perspective of the spouse
  • What she found out while working with women who are caring for their husbands
  • Some of the symptoms of dementia
  • How to look after people with dementia
  • Caregiver risks
  • How family and society as a whole should take care of the caregivers
  • How early diagnosis can help in the long run
  • What people/society should be doing more/differently

“We have to really go with where the person is at.”

“Trying to minimize the arguing is the key I believe.”

“There’s lots of different layers that can happen to caregivers. Lots of different layers of feelings.”

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