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According to a 2018 Stats-Canada report, over 30% of people aged 60 and above are working or are looking for work. The report also indicated that over 50% are working or looking for work out of necessity. Freedom 55 is becoming less and less of a reality as more people are now working past their 50s and 60s.

To help us understand some of the reasons why many older adults choose to continue working even past retirement age, we have Chris Farrell. Chris is a senior economics contributor at Marketplace, an American radio program that focuses on economy, business, and the events that influence them.

Chris is also an economics commentator for the Minnesota Public Radio as well as host of the series “Conversations on the Creative Economy.” He also writes for PBS Next Avenue and The Star Tribune. Chris has been in the industry for over 25 years and he definitely knows what he’s doing.


  • Why people no longer prefer conventional retirement
  • How his book came about
  • Why people are not happy in their jobs
  • How people should prepare themselves so they’re better equipped to work in their retirement years
  • Trends he sees more people are doing in their retirement years
  • How he sees ageism and age discrimination
  • Why some people who are 60 are still considering starting a business
  • On having a support system in their entrepreneurial journey
  • Acknowledging the labour shortage at a policy level
  • What young people should do to become better entrepreneurs in their older years

“Don’t invest a lot of money, invest a lot of time.”

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