According to academic scholarly research, people in the sixties are more creative than they were in their forties and people in their seventies can be more creative than they were in their sixties. Contrary to belief, creativity only increases with time.

Working in the retirement years is quite the opposite of working in the younger, energetic years of your life. There are certain angles and aspects to be considered before stepping in to work in your older years. What are the things you should be in your to-do list before embarking on a new journey?

First, think about what you like doing and more importantly what is it that you don’t like doing. Most people reading this would agree that when it came to your work, whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee or working in a non-profit sector, you realized that it was important that you were able to say no to certain opportunities because you knew that’s not what you wanted to do. This is why you should now understand in these later years that what is it that you want to do and what you don’t want to do.

A network can play a huge role in realizing this. Your network can be your friends, your family, colleagues’, former colleagues’, people at your church, etc, people who know you. You can approach any of these people and ask them which kind of career would you be better off doing, what is it that suits you as a person in terms of skills and assets. You need to remove yourself from your current job because you are not your job and you are certainly not your job title. All you need to discover is what are you good at, what is that special skill of yours, what kind of jobs could they imagine you doing well? You could even call up your former college roommates and ask them what was it that you were talking about becoming at 2 am in the morning. That could really give you a clue, as they say, “Nothing like the 2 talks”.

It is thinking about your skills, thinking about what you want to do, tapping into your network to get their insights, have some introspection which is easier said than done. Introspection is the hardest, most of us are too caught up in our lives but you can take about five minutes to ten minutes of the day to jot down a few thoughts about what you think, who you are, what you are, what gives you meaning, what do you really like doing? You can write them down. And then here’s the real trick, your network that you tapped into to help you figure out who you are and what you are, what you might be good at, those people that are going to get you the job because they know you, they know who you are. Someone in your network might connect you with somebody and you could be starting on your new journey soon. It may take several years to get there but that’s a worthwhile journey to embark on.

Restarting or reworking on your career again can be a little stressful, especially when there are certain limitations. But the decision to continue working when you should be resting and going for vacations is a commendable step.

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