Did you know that there are over 6 million family caregivers in Canada? Over 50% of family caregivers are themselves over the age of 45. That means most of them are managing careers as well as kids along with being a caregiver.

Many family caregivers don’t have formal caregiving training so I really applaud people and organisations who help educate caregivers. One such educator is with us today and her name is Debra Hallisey.

Currently, Debra’s most important role is being her mother’s caregiver for the past 5 years. She took on that role after seeing her father go through congestive heart failure.

Losing her job due to caregiving issues prompted Debra to create “Advocate for Mom & Dad.” Her mission is to educate family caregivers and provide answers to basic caregiving questions like where to start, what to do next, etc. She also uses her blog, book, and work to help other caregivers like her.


  • How caregivers can change relationships
  • How she created new ways of engaging with her mom as a daughter
  • On empowering her mom
  • One thing she will tell family caregivers not to do
  • What they can do to make their lives as family caregivers easier
  • How caregiving can change relationships
  • Why saying no is something every caregiver should learn
  • How to approach financial challenges when playing the role of a caregiver
  • Her advice to caregivers who are not good in budgeting

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Debra’s Facebook: www.facebook.com/advocateformomdad

Debra’s Book: “Your Caregiver Relationship Contract: How to navigate the minefield of new roles and expectations” – www.shorturl.at/hBIU4

Did You Know Segment: https://www.familycaregiversbc.ca/community-resources/statistics-in-family-caregiving/

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