Did you know that according to Stats Canada, people aged 65 and older are Canada’s fastest growing group of cannabis users? Additionally, there are 10 times more seniors using cannabis today than in 2012.

Despite this increase there still remains a large population of older adults that grew up in an era where pot, weed, marijuana or whatever it was called was not legal and hence, there are questions or misconceptions. So we thought that cannabis 101 discussion especially from the perspective of older adults should be done.

Today, we invited Dr. Arash Taghvai on the show. Dr. Arash is an international medical graduate who works at Apollo Cannabis Clinic in Toronto, Canada. His duty is to support patients who are looking to improve their quality of life with medical cannabis.

Apollo Cannabis Clinic prescribes medical cannabis for patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, sleep issues, and PDSD. They also educate patients about this method of alternative medicine.


  • Different terminologies of cannabis
  • Difference between THC and CBD
  • The myths about cannabis
  • How to approach cannabis medication for those who have not used it before
  • Process when prescribing cannabis-based medications to patients
  • The advantages of using medical cannabis
  • The best ways to consume cannabis
  • The high impact of cannabis on many common diseases
  • On cannabis-based medications

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Did You Know Segment: https://www.ctvnews.ca/lifestyle/seniors-are-canada-s-fastest-growing-group-of-cannabis-users-statcan-1.4665383

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