CBD and THC have almost the same medical benefits. They provide relief from many of the same conditions. But, CBD doesn’t cause the euphoric effects that happen with THC. That might be the reason why some people may prefer CBD because of the lack of this side effect.

When most people think about cannabis, the first thought that strikes their mind is smoking. While this might be the most popular method of consumption, according to you, it is not the healthiest one. When you inhale cannabis, a majority of cannabinoids enter the body through the lungs, where they directly enter your bloodstream. As a result of this direct exchange, consuming cannabis via inhalation has hardly any effect.

When people medically approach Cannabis, the first thing they ask their doctor is, ‘Should I smoke it?’ It is a medical clinic! They do not promote anybody smoking anything, not cannabis, not cigarettes, all that is going to be bad for your health. As healthcare professionals, they’re anti-smokers as any physician should be. When it comes to the primary method of consumption, it’s going to be oral, it’s going to be capsules, or it’s going to oil, 90% capsules. So, you will take a small gel capsule that looks just like an Advil or a Tylenol, and it requires what’s called the first-pass metabolism because it is a fact-based medication. So, it can take about an hour and a half to two hours to kick in, and it should last in your system anywhere from six to eight hours. So, if you like to take one of them when you have a headache coming on, or you’d like to make one after you’ve spent a little bit of time with your grandson and your knees are a bit sore now, you can do that. You can use it intermittently based on your condition or if you have something chronic that ills you every day.

Now certain conditions require immediate relief. The two-hour window for the medication to kick in is not an option for some, and PTSD is one such condition. These are people who have a tremendous amount of struggle with even day to day tasks, and anxiety might be an understatement here. Depression is usually the result of a couple of days of being under the condition of PTSD. So, they’re suffering, and they’re suffering alone, and they can’t sit there and wait for the medication to kick in. So, in this case, they can use an inhaled form. The inhaled form kicks in in about five to 10 minutes. It’s very rapid. It only lasts for about an hour and a half to two hours. So, when a patient says that they would like immediate relief, they are counseled on that. The doctors advise them on medically cleared devices that are called Vaporizers. In this method of consumption, you put a dry flower into the vaporizer, the dry flowers then dehydrate and release steam or a mist which the person proceeds to inhale. Here no oils are being burned, and there is no vitamin E based oil and no lung damage that comes from using a medically cleared vaporizer. As long as it is kept clean and you are up to date with how to treat the machine, then you’re good to go.

So, if a patient comes and says that they tried the capsules which worked, but they need something more immediate, the doctors will provide him/her with a full education on it. It almost similar to a coffee bean; you have to take it and crush it down to put it into your coffee machine. The same goes for cannabis. You will obtain an entire bud, you will crush it, and you then put it into a medically cleared device and inhale the medication similar which is similar to a nebulizer for an asthmatic child. The inhaled form of any medication will be rapid-acting, and that’s the advantage here. You can have inhaled CBD, you can have an inhaled combination of THC and CBD, and you can also have inhaled high levels of THC. Everyone’s metabolism is different; everyone’s receptor reaction time is different. A person can say that 22% THC allows them to sleep for six to eight hours, and they wake up feeling great. And, someone else might say that 5% THC is enough to provide them with 10-8 hours of sleep. You have to learn how the body reacts to this medication like any other, but initially, when they are trained on the inhaled form of Cannabis, they are told to sit down, and that they should turn on the machine and take four to five inhales of it and then turn it off. So, nothing is being combusted, and nothing’s being burnt. This is a device that has an on and off switch. So, when you turn it on, and you take five inhales, you will wait five minutes and see if it is helping your condition. If you feel any relief, then, that’s where you stay. If you haven’t, you turn the machine on again, and you give it about another four or five inhales, and you quickly learn what helps, you quickly understand what your body reacts to.

If someone is using a neurological suppressant or a drug that gives them sleep and they come into a plant that can do the same thing, then they can put away those synthetics, which is excellent.

Everything depends on how you use it. You need to follow your doctor’s advice and follow it to the letter. A high amount of dosage or smoking is never a healthy way out. When consumed in the right direction, medical cannabis can do wonders to your body, and you can eventually let go of all the synthetic medicines.